About Us

At Amazing Aquarium Design we are committed to providing our valued customers with high quality, healthy, marine fish, corals and live rock from the worlds oceans, as well as educating our customers and providing them with the knowledge and skills to have an easy to keep, successful marine or reef aquarium. We believe that if we teach our clients how to maintain their tanks properly, we will have a customer for life instead of just a customer for today.

We also offer custom aquarium design and professional aquarium maintenance service for your home or business. Our knowledgeable staff keeps up to date on the latest reef keeping techniques and are reef keepers themselves.

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Amazing Aquariums is a local Reef Aquarium fish store started by Master Marine Biologist. We have talented employees that are hobbyists with combined experience keeping pristine aquariums for over twenty years. The Original Custom Reef Aquarium Designer & Builder that is often imitated, and never duplicated to the degree of experience that give reliable safe designs for your pleasure.

At our local retail store...


 we have aquacultured/maricultured several types of corals, we sell tank raised marine life such as coral and fish that have not been captured from nature. These are safer and exposed to less parasites, viruses. Currently we have been maintaining over 2000 gallons of SeaWaterDirect in our systems holding over 100 different species of marine organisms on display or for purchase for the past 20 years 


Amazing Aquarium Design carries a wide assortment of aquarium supplies including:

  1. Foods from LRS, OSI , Hikari, Cobalt and Omega One
  2. Eshopps, ASM, Echo-Tech Marine, Aqua illumination, Current-USA, RIO Nano, Octopus and other protein skimmers
  3. Additives by Two Little Fishies, Kent Marine, SalifertThrive, and Caribsea.
  4. Eshopps, Maxi Jet, Ecotech Vortex, Hydor Pumps, Rio/TAAM, Little Giant, Dolphin and Iwaki pumps/powerheads, Jebo Pumps.
  5. Lighting from Ecotech Radion LED, Hydra HD LED, Ice Cap, UVLighting, Vue Technologies, Coralife, Current USA, Ushio, Radion
  6. Deep Blue and All-Glass, Perfecto Marineland tanks
  7. Aquawood, and R & J Cabinets
  8. Custom Cabinets by Amazing Aquarium Designs
  9. RO/DI water filters and whole house system