What are your store hours?

Tue.-Fri. 11 to 7PM
Saturday 12PM to 5PM
Sunday Closed 

What should the pH of my marine aquarium be?

Marine tanks should be maintained at a pH of 8.2 to 8.3. 

What should my specific gravity (salinity) be?

Specific gravity should be maintained at 1.025 to 1.026 on  reef systems and can be kept from 1.019 to 1.026 for fish only systems. 

What should the calcium level be in my reef tank?

Calcium should be maintained from 400ppm to 420ppm. 

How often should I clean my protein skimmer?

The neck and collection cup should be cleaned at least  once a week with daily to every other day being best.  The cleaner we  keep the neck and collection cup, the more efficient the protein skimmer  will work and remove organics from the aquarium that can contribute to  nitrates, nuisance hair algae and harm our corals. 

How long should I leave my lights on for?

Photo-period should be anywhere from 12 to 14 hours per day.


How often do you get fish and corals in?

We receive shipments of fish and corals weekly.

Do you offer tank raised fish and corals?

 Yes.  We offer tank raised fish whenever available and 90% of our corals are grown right here in our store.  At Amazing Aquarium Design we strive to provide as many tank raised species as possible. 

How often should I perform water changes?

Water changes should be performed monthly.  Changes should be about  20%.  Water changes can also be divided into smaller amounts more often  i.e. 5% a week, 10% every two weeks etc.  Experienced aquarists  sometimes go much longer without doing water changes but this is not  recommended for new hobbyists.

How often should I change my bulbs on a reef aquarium?

Bulbs being run on an electronic ballast should be changed at least  once per year and bulbs being run with a tar (non electronic) ballast  should be changed at least every six months.

Do you offer marine aquarium maintenance service?

Yes.  We offer complete marine aquarium maintenance service for both residential and commercial marine aquariums.  Service can be  on a daily, weekly, or monthly interval and can also be custom tailored  for your specific needs.  This includes specimen delivery, water  changes, trace element additions, glass cleaning, complete testing,  equipment replacement and repair, light bulb changes, and whatever tasks  need to be performed on the aquarium.