We Offer Various Fish, Corals, and Invertebrates

At Amazing Aquariums we house most of our fish in a 500 gallon system filtered by a Sealife Systems trickle filter for biological filtration, a Top Fathom six foot tall protein skimmer for removing dissolved organic compounds (DOC's), Dolphin Amp Master for the main return pump, a 120watt UV sterilizer and the addition of ozone to reduce water born pathogens. We run the fish holding systems at a temperature of 78 degrees, specific gravity of 1.025 to 1.026, pH of 8.2, alkalinity of 3.5meq/l and try to maintain nitrates below 25ppm by 20% water changes monthly. We run copper sulfate 3.5-4.5ppm in our fish quarantine system.

Corals and invertebrates are housed in every other system in our store. We use very high output (VHO) fluorescent, and Radion XR30 LED pro's and Current Marine Reef Pro 48" LEDs. All systems are modified Berlin method with live rock and live sand for biological filtration, protein skimmers for removal of DOC's, high intensity lighting and the addition of kalkwasser.

Our coral holding grow out systems are kept at temperatures from 78 to 80 degrees, specific gravity of 1.025 to 1.026, pH of 8.2 to 8.6, alkalinity of 2.5 to 3.5meq/l, nitrates of 0ppm, phosphate of 0 to 0.03ppm. We dose kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide) with all make up RO/DI water (freshwater purified by reverse osmosis and deionization) to maintain calcium at 400 to 420ppm along with the use of Two Little Fishies C-Balance dosed separately as needed to raise calcium levels. Trace and iodine are dosed weekly or when needed. We feed our coral holding systems various foods like Two Little Fishies ZoPlan, Kent Phytoplex/Chromaplex, rotifers, and baby brine shrimp, to help them achieve good coloration and fast growth rates. We perform monthly water changes and run these systems with 100% natural seawater.



  1. Over 1900 gallons of saltwater fish, corals, invertebrates and live rock.
  2. Huge selection of aquacultured corals grown right here in our store.
  3. Aquaculture tank raised and net caught fish, corals, invertebrates and live rock from the Florida Keys, Fiji, Tonga, Indonesia, Australia, Sri Lanka, the Red Sea, the Solomon Islands and the Marshall Islands.



Dual 60 Gallon Rimless Tanks, Illuminated by Six 48" Current Marine LEDS, with a ESHOPPS Model 300 Reef Sump and a ESHOPPS S200 Cone Skimmer, and a Little Giant 4MDQ Return Pump, Two VorTech MP10W wave pumps. 



16 Foot Long - 132 Gallon Coral Propagation System, Illuminated by Four Current 48" Marine LEDs. 55 Gallon Sump w/ G-54 Plus Protein Skimmer, Triton 5 Return Pump, Four MJ Mods for Wave Action.


Large 580 Gallon Tank (8ft x 4ft) with 1000 Gallon EuroReef Down-Draft Injection Protein Skimmer, 100 Gal. Berlin Sump & Dolphin Amp Master 3600 return pump. Largest Live Rock Display Tank Located in a Retail Store Anywhere.

We can special order your favorite fish and have it ready for pickup, when it's arrives we will examine, and quarantine to give additional peace of mind of a healthy fish when adding it to your tank. Please fill out the form and we will start the process of getting your special order fish today. 

We have some Amazing Corals here in stock, and ready to add in to your Marine Aquarium. Please feel free to fill our request form and we will contact you on your special order.

We have several inverts including Snails, Hermit Crabs, variety of Shrimp, and several other creatures.